Friday, April 15, 2011

What's Going On?

Before I really get going, I want to warn you - there are NO PICTURES in this post!!! WHOA! Crazy talk, right?! Well, I have to admit - I am exhausted this afternoon, and I honestly don't feel like uploading pictures or going through my Phoenix pictures for an official post, so those will just have to wait. I am so thrilled that it is Friday, though I do have to work tomorrow. The weather is horrible here today - we were supposed to get together with a group of other mommas and kiddos for our bi-monthly gatherings for an Easter egg hunt! That had to be postponed til next week though. Instead, we ended up going to a fun, gymnastics-y kind of place for kids to let Katie play with her little friend from her class! It was actually a mom's group that are all in the same Sunday school class - it is of the class that I really have been wanting to visit. Amazing how those things happen, huh! All the moms were so sweet and the kids were quite energetic! Katie figured out how to jump on the trampolines, hated being in the spongy pit of fun (I remember it from when I was little - so fun!), loved climbing on things, and of course running around! This weekend, aside from working, we don't have any plans - and I love that! I am going to finish up some projects I've been wanting to do - stay tuned for posts and pictures from those adventures! I also want to buy some cute flowers to plant - some around the trees and mailbox in the front, and some in pots I have. I think the "rule for planting" in this area is not to do it until after April 15 because of the chance of a late frost - so I will be safe! I am sure we will head to church on Sunday - and maybe even try out that Sunday school class! And the weather is supposed to be fabulous, so maybe that will make me get out and do some planting! Some other things I hope to accomplish are some Easter-y things! Hopefully we will dye eggs this weekend, and I'm going to make Easter Basket Cupcakes! Stay tuned for that - hopefully mine turn out as cute as the ones I saw on a post somewhere else!! What are your plans this weekend? Whatever it is, enjoy yourself! .... and TGIF!!

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  1. What?!? No pictures?!? I am going to quit reading!

    Completely random comment of the day...I have heard it isn't nice to plant flowers around your mailbox. They attract bees and the mail person has to be near it daily (as you do). My cousin used to be a postal worker and deliver mail. She told me she hated boxes with all kinds of flowers and dogs on the loose! Like I said, random comment of the day!

    Looking forward to seeing you girls soon!