Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mommy & Me Music Class

For the past couple of months, Katie and I have been doing a Mommy & Me Music Class at our church. It is a 30 minute class that has been held on Wednesdays - and actually, truth be told, we missed a lot of them because of traveling a couple times and Katie being sick. But it was definitely fun when we went! And actually, another little girl from Katie's class attended the class as well and it was so neat to see them interact. One day, the other little girl and her momma had to leave a little early - Katie was distraught! She didn't want her friend to leave! (*sidenote: That mom and I are trying to find a time to let the girls play - we actually live in the same neighborhood!) I hadn't taken any pictures of any of the classes because it was very interactive. I love the little songs, the fun instruments, the story time, and all the movement. And I am pretty positive that Katie loved it more than I did! Here are some pictures of the class (it was a smaller class because it was a makeup for folks that had missed a class or two). We can't wait for another session of classes in the fall!

Monkeying around before class - we actually got there WAY early! Playing the bells before class
She loves the moroccas!
And she's a big fan of waving the scarves around.
And playing peek-a-boo with the scarves over her face...this was just as she was revealed!
Katie and one of the little boys putting things back in their bag - Katie gets so excited about that part of each activity!
Story time on the story blanket - it was an animal book and the teacher had those zoo pal plates - what a great idea!
And of course the parachute - FUN! And I love this pic...this was from when we lifted it way up!
Rubbing her sandblocks together.
At the end of class, the teacher hands out mirrors and we sing "Jesus Loves Me" - so sweet!
Looking at herself.
And loving the attention from the teacher!

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