Friday, April 22, 2011

So I Don't Forget...

I just wanted to quickly note a couple of things so I don't forget....

1) Yesterday was the first day that Katie has told me what she did at school (though there's really no way I will know if she really did it...). She said she played with "A" and "H" at school (the other two girls in her class) and that they played with a ball. LOVE that she can communicate those things now!

2) Also, yesterday was the first time I've ever seen Katie look at puzzle pieces and study them to know what orientation they need to be before putting them down on the board - and she got it right every time! I think that's pretty neat.

3) We were being silly with Cee Cee and put Katie in the driver's seat (car off, of course) and the first thing Katie did was put her seatbelt on. Safety first!

4) I went to a mom's group/playdate this morning and we did a little egg hunt - Katie LOVED it! I think we have at least two more this weekend, so it should be fun! Should be interesting to see how she does with the Easter Bunny!

5) She now will pick up a little piece of trash on the floor and go put it in the trashcan. She even will do it if we ask her to (like if she drops something) - love that!

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