Monday, April 11, 2011

Playing Catch Up: Family Time

Since I worked incredibly long hours last week, once I got home from the conference, it was definitely time to enjoy some good, quality family time. Once Katie got up from her nap, we went for an early dinner at one of our favorites in downtown Franklin and then headed to the park! Katie loved that we were, once again, a happy family - she had a blast sliding, swinging, and running around!

Today, we ran a few "post-conference errands" and then went to visit at Cee Cee's house! Katie was all about the sunglasses today - and she loved the fun art projects Cee Cee wanted to do! Also, Cee Cee gave Katie a little tree to plant. That way she can water it and watch it grow! Here are some pictures of our fun visit this morning! When we go to Cee Cee's house, Katie has certain things she just has to do. This includes eating sharks (like goldfish) and getting lotion on her hands so she smells good. Today we also played with PlayDoh and dot paints - she LOVED it! (And I'm pretty sure Cee Cee did too!)

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