Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt #2 + The Bunny

Last Saturday we went to an egg hunt with all kinds of fun activities at the school I attended from K through 12. They have an alumni Easter egg hunt every year and this was the first year I thought Katie would enjoy! The first hour they had arts, crafts, activities, and bounce houses. Oh, and the Easter Bunny was there too! Then, it was time for the egg hunt. They did have it separated out by age groups, which I definitely appreciated. I didn't want my sweet pea to get plowed over by a big kid! For the younger kiddos, they had tons of eggs just out in a grassy area - Katie loved it! My friend Kara and her family also went - she and I have been friends for over 20 years! It was so neat to go back to where we met and watch our kids participate in an event. Here are some pictures - and I'm happy to report that Katie didn't scream when she sat with the Bunny! She actually was very intrigued by him - she kept wanting to go say hi!

Katie and the Easter Bunny - she seemed to enjoy sitting with him! Maybe it is because he doesn't talk and is nice and soft!
She loved playing with the hula hoops! I wonder if someone will get one for her for her birthday - if not, dollar store here we come!

Katie & Carter with the Easter Bunny - amazing!

I wanted a full shot of her outfit - I loved it! And she loved running around and being wild!

Let the egg hunt begin!

And they're off!

Katie made a haul with eggs - I think she got close to 20!

....including the silver egg!

Carter & Katie after all the eggs had been found.

Then they had to sit and go through all their goods! So cute.

Still loving running around.

Cutie Carter.

Katie rocking on the front porch of the Peach Orchard Hill House (the administrative building that has lots of history!).

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