Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm back! I know...I've been a bit MIA lately. I just felt like I needed to take a bit of a break as I'm feeling quite burned out on technology. I feel like I need to just sit and read a good book. But I need my phone and computer to get work done. Oh well. I decided to jump back on the WILW bandwagon - it really is nice to sit down and take a minute to think about the pluses of life! And if you care to join up, jump over {here}! Oh, and I will warn you...a lot of this post is Katie-related! :)

I'm loving the way Katie talks on the phone. She likes to call people and have it on speaker but she still holds it up to her ear with her shoulder!

I'm loving how much Katie and Sadie are entertaining eachother! Katie loves to play with Sadie, feed her pretend food, throw the ball for her, chase her, and then also chase with her doll stroller, too. I think deep down inside, Sadie loves every ounce of attention, even if she gets chased, dressed up, and sat on!

I'm loving how Katie has friends that she likes to play with! Don't they look so cute and sweet with the puzzle?

I'm loving how Katie loves anything and everything creative. Coloring, Play Do, painting, chalk, dry erase markers...all of it!

I'm loving these beautiful flowers! They were just stunning and I loved watching them bloom all the way!I'm loving what a goofball Miss Katie is. Yes, that is her wearing the Mrs. Potatohead glasses. Oh dear.

I'm loving that sweet smile!

I'm loving introducing Katie to new foods. I thought for sure she would love peanut butter. Um...not so much. Looks like she takes after her daddy. I have tried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - no sir. I even bought these pretzels with peanut butter between them thinking it might hide it and she would give it a chance. She was really excited to try some new pretzels....

...and she put it in her mouth....and spit it out. Dangit! I thought I could make her like peanut butter for sure! So, she took it out of her mouth and fed it to Sadie.

...and then she took her washrag that she uses to play with Elmo and her dolls, and she wiped her tongue off for good measure.

I'm loving that Katie folds her little washrag. After wiping her tongue off, she layed it out and started folding it.

...and she's done!

I'm loving this girl's need for accessories. She loves her purses. And sunglasses. And now she loves her bows. And she sometimes wants to wear a bow AND a headband! Oh goodness we are in for it as she gets older!

I'm loving that we got to go see some cutie patootie baby pigs!! One of my friend's family owns a farm and they have two girl pigs that were pregnant. Well, one of them gave birth last week and we got to visit them! We held them and watched them explore - so neat! I think Katie really enjoyed it too.

Katie petting a baby pig...

I had to hurry and get a picture with the cute little piggy before he/she started squealing and waking up the mama pig!

Mama Pig with all 10 of her babies. So neat!

I'll be back with more posts soon! And be sure to "follow" this blog - I have some neat giveaways coming up soon that you will LoVe!!

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