Saturday, April 27, 2013

An Auburn Tradition...

This past week was the end of an era in Auburn, and last weekend was the final celebration featuring the beloved and historical Toomers Oaks.  In Auburn, whenever there is a win, people would always go to Toomers Corner and roll the trees, and this has been a tradition for many, many years!  A few years ago, a crazy Alabama fan poisoned the trees, and it was finally decided that the trees were dying.  Last Saturday was the A Day Game and they had a big block party with a "final rolling."  I so wish we could have been there!  But it probably would have been a little much for our crazy kids - it appeared to be a great time though!  And while the tree is no longer there, I do think the Auburn spirit is stronger...and I am sure people will find something to throw some toilet paper on :)

Brad and I went to roll Toomers Corner when I was still in school down there!
Even though we couldn't be at the final rolling in person, the kids sported their Auburn colors and I put the AU flag out!
 Love this picture :) 
 He was so happy!  I think it is because he loves navy and orange together :)
And these are some pictures I found of the block party...look at all those people!!!
I love seeing all that toilet paper :)
 And a scene the evening after...I read somewhere that in some spots, the toilet paper was 2-3 feet deep and actually clogged the street cleaner!
And then early this past week, they cut the tree down.  Gosh - I know I had heard that tree had been there since the 1800's...I wonder what the exact age of the tree is!


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