Friday, April 19, 2013

Tough Broad Tuesdays

Katherine, Ashley, and I have been talking about having a designated evening each month for a girl's night!  We finally went out to eat not far from where we live (we all live in the same neighborhood - so fun!) and had a great time!  We also planned out what all we want to do and when it is going to happen.  In fact, I am fairly certain we have some fun things planned well into the summer.  I am sure the guys will be thrilled about that!  They have no room for any complaining though...the husbands are all headed on a guys trip to Vegas the end of June!  So our weekend away sometime soon, winery tours, "tourist for a day", and visits to a few fun restaurants are nothing!
And since we got together on a Tuesday evening, we coined "Tough Broad Tuesdays".  Has a nice ring to it, no? :)


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