Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jesus, God, + Cupcakes (Spring Break Fun: Day Five)

Day five of our spring break fun was so much fun!  It was Good Friday, so we started the day trying to come up with the right words to talk about what Good Friday means.  I think we did a good job considering Katie is 3...we talked about people being angry at Jesus and that he died on the cross for all of us and his friends were all very sad.  We reminded her that Easter is when Jesus' friends found the empty tomb and that he had come back. (Whew!  She didn't ask too many questions, but it is such an abstract thought for a very concrete-thinking 3 year old!)  After Jack took a nap and we ate lunch and got ready, we headed to Cee Cee's house to decorate cupcakes!  She and Katie had been talking about doing that for a while, so we decided they could be Easter cupcakes!  Here the kiddos before heading to Cee Cee's house!
 Jack had taken his first header into the exersaucer - poor guy!
 Love that she wore a cupcake dress to decorate cupcakes :) It had come in the mail just the day before - perfect timing!
 And Cee Cee had some Easter goodies for the kiddos.  Jack finally started crawling that week of spring break, so he showed off some of his new skills while he investigated his basket of goodies.
 He loved playing with everything!
 And then it was Katie's turn to open her Easter goodies!
 After that, we put Jack in the walker and then Katie and my mom got busy with the pink icing and sprinkles!  Katie had the best time doing their project!  Thankfully, my mom had made the cupcakes the day before so they were ready for decoration...I don't know if Katie could have been patient enough to wait on cupcakes to cook and cool before decorating them!
 Jack was in his walker while they were having fun - he had a blast exploring my mom's house...and he loved seeing his reflection in her trashcan!
 After they iced all of the cupcakes, it was time for sprinkles - Katie took it very seriously and wanted to use different combinations of sprinkles on each one!
 After the decorating (and eating) of the cupcakes, we did a few easter egg hunts!  Jack's favorite part was the easter grass in his frog basket :)
 Katie loves hiding eggs for other people to find, as well as hunting for them!  
When they were decorating cupcakes, I asked Katie if she could remember what we had talked about with the meaning of Good Friday.  She said it was a special day because "Jesus loves God and Jesus loves cupcakes."  I'll take it. 


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