Monday, April 8, 2013

Favorite Children's Books

When I saw Kelly over at Kelly's Korner was going to do a link up with you favorite children's books, I got so excited!  I have a problem with buying books.  I don't often buy toys for the kids, but I have trouble saying no to a book - I want them to love reading!  So we have lots of books.  And by lots, I mean LOTS!  They are scattered all around - so that makes them more available!  We have them in Katie's room, Jack's room, the playroom/sunroom, the bonus room, and even the living room! I always have good intentions of making our collection smaller - I will go through them and if we don't really read them, I will set them aside to take to a local used book/movie/music place.  Well, when I do that, I usually end up buying even more kids books!  These are a few pictures of our book stashes along with a stack of some of our favorites right now.
I also have a huge stack of books to use as surprises when Katie has a week getting all her stickers...I can think of about 5 regular books and probably 10-15 early reader books.  I love that my kids are so entertained by reading a book - and I hope that love for reading and learning stays with them for a long time!

I can't wait to visit some other blogs and get ideas for some books to add to our collection - remember?  I have a weakness for books :)


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  1. I buy way more books for our kids than I do toys also. I never have to convince myself to buy a book!