Thursday, April 18, 2013

Purplicious Pictures

How on earth is this little lady almost FOUR?!??  I cannot get over that.  She is super excited about her birthday already - especially the party part with her friends (of course)!  It seems like each day she is changing - saying things that make us laugh until our stomachs hurt...attempting to do simple math problems....asking what color is the result when 2 or 3 other colors are mixed together...coming up to me and telling me that she loves me and giving me a huge hug...snuggling with me and puckering those lips for a kiss....stomping that foot because she doesn't want to do what we have told her (the teenage years should be a blast, let me tell you)....each day brings its trials and triumphs, no doubt.  But I think we're doing a pretty good job.  Katie is such a sweet girl with the most loving heart.  She's got some sass, that's for sure.  But that makes things interesting (to say the least - ha)!

Here are a few pictures I took before school one day last week - she looked so cute!  And you could totally tell that she felt cute too :)

It's hard to believe we only have a 3 year old for another week and a half!  


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