Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break Fun: Day One + Two

Last week was Katie's spring break, so I wanted to make sure she had a blast!  We do fun things fairly often, but isn't the point of spring break to have fun (typically while traveling, but we opted to stay in town)??  So, on day one, went to a friend's house to play!  Katie met this sweet girly at dance class and they have such fun playing together (we didn't have dance class since it was spring break, so it was the perfect opportunity to get together)!  So the girls played and her momma and I chatted and Jack rolled around on the floor.  It was so nice and relaxing - and I know Katie had a blast!
 On day two of spring break, we woke up to this:
Pretty ridiculous, right??  It did melt very quickly, but still.  The fact that we woke up to snow at the end of March is just plain silly.

While I was up feeding Jack his bottle, Katie and company came in his room like this...
She had dressed herself and had gotten everybody a crown - herself, Sadie, and Snugglebunny (who is now the favorite buddy, I do believe).  SO cute!  We did have to change clothes since it was chilly outside.  She was alright with that because the fun activity for day two was going to play at Monkey Joe's!!  She was so excited when I told her what we were going to do.  She had fun jumping and sliding and climbing - she was worn out that night for sure!
She also had her first "arcade experience" - she did the ski ball game and won tickets to cash in!  We had to work on rolling the ball rather than throwing the ball - oops!  And she decided she wanted to cash in her tickets for a temporary tattoo and one of those grow dinosaurs that starts teeny and you put it in water and it expands.  We still have the glass full of water and a big dinosaur on the counter and she checks on it just about everyday!

What a fun start to spring break!  Stay tuned for days three, four, and five (probably separate posts for each because there are lots of pictures!


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