Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break Fun: Day Three

On to day three of our fun spring break!  On Wednesday, we met my friend Kara and her crew at a fun children's museum type place!  I had been wanting to go there for quite some time, so I'm so glad we were finally able to!  And it was a hit for sure...I would consider getting a membership if it were a little closer (it took maybe 30 minutes or so to get there, which really isn't that bad)...I'm just not sure how often we would venture out there.  We will definitely go back though!  

Katie was so excited to get to play with Carter and Kaylin!

I seize the opportunity for pics of them together :)  I hope they are best friends for many years...
Katie loved exploring the fire truck they had inside...
The big water table was a big hit!  Of course there were kids there that were throwing water everywhere (I'm not saying mine would never or have never done that, but I watch them and pay attention unlike some of the parents there), but Katie loved filling the boat up with water and dumping it out!
They had a neat conveyor belt that the kids loved!  Katie sat on it and had a kid roll her to the end.  They also put fruits and veggies on it and had a basket on the end to catch it all!
Peek-a-boo!! They have a great area for kids under 5 with a special area for babies...perfect!
Katie and Jack were playing the drums together.  I love it when they play together!
And a picture of me with the kiddos...thanks for taking this, Kara!
Katie and Carter had a blast!
I found this to be very entertaining...Katie was trying to figure out how to change a tire on a car! HA!
After eating lunch together...
After we finished eating the lunch we took, we walked around outside and ended up at a playground!  The kids had fun running off even more energy!
They had a blast going down the slide together!
And we got Katie to take a picture of us together!  There's not much better than spending time with your  kids AND your friends!
Both kids fell asleep on the way home - a sure sign of a successful adventure!



  1. Was this museum place in Murfreesboro?? If so, my sister in law was telling me about it. I want to take Rowen! Looks like fun.