Monday, April 15, 2013

Burgers + A Hair Wash

Last weekend (like weekend before this past), we headed over to our friends Tanja and Nick's house to grill out!  It was so nice to have a relaxing, fun night with friends!  A few other folks were there - and we all had the best time!  The kids were good - and they actually managed to make it to about 9pm!

Here are the kiddos before we loaded up to head to their house!
Would you PLEASE look at those thighs?!  Good gracious...he's got some thick legs for sure!
And we spent a lot of time on this super soft, comfy rug!  Jack showed off his crawling skills and we were all very entertained watching the kids play!  The guys watched some basketball while we played - we even went outside and drew with sidewalk chalk!
At some point, Katie decided she wanted to "wash" everybody's hair.  I have no clue where this little game came from, but she even wanted to use her cup of water to do the washing.  Everybody (all 8 of us) got our hair washed!  She was most thorough with Blake's hair though...he got like a 10 minute head rub!
At one point we were all on that comfy rug and we looked around and laughed.  Who would have thought we would all be sitting there letting an almost-4-year-old pretend to wash our hair!  And she loved every minute of it!


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  1. Kids can definitely bring out the best in you!
    Love those chunky legs :)