Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jack: 10 Months

Jack is still a great sleeper (knock on wood)! He goes to bed at around 7:45 and will sleep a good 12 hours!  He is also not one that wakes up screaming - he will usually play around in his crib for a good 30 minutes or more.  Usually we have to get going for the day so he doesn't get to do that, but when he does, he loves it!  He goes down for two naps still - at 10:15 and 3:15 give or take.  And the morning nap is usually at least 2 hours and the afternoon nap tends to be a little shorter,
He's definitely a good eater!  He has 4 bottles a day and 3 meals a day.  He wakes up to an 8 ounce bottle, has 2 scoops of cereal and a thing of baby food (or 2 ice cube shaped baby foods that I've made) for breakfast, another bottle of 6-7 ounces before his first nap, a container of baby yogurt for lunch when he wakes up, another bottle of 6-7 ounces before his second nap, and then dinner (same as breakfast, just a different food) and a 7-8 ounce bottle at bedtime!  Whew!  And he seems to be doing better about it, but good grief he likes his hands all in the baby food, which also means it gets rubbed in his hair.  
Nothing official here - but good grief!  Some days it feels like a ton of bricks by the end of the day!
Nothing official here!
Size Clothes
Jack is wearing size 12 month clothes very easily now!  And actually, some of the items that the sizing runs 6-12 months are starting to get a little snug!  The main problem?  His thunder thighs!  I tried a bathing suit that was also swim diaper on him that was size 12 months - I couldn't even get it over his thighs!  The size 18 month worked though (thank goodness)!
Size Diapers
Size 3 is working perfectly right now, though I wouldn't be surprised if we buy 4's next time we need some more!
Hair color
He is loving pulling at his hair now that he has some (maybe that means he won't pull mine as much)!  It seems to be light brown...and almost enough of it to need a little brush!
Eye color
I think those baby blues are going to get him into some trouble down the line...
Looking Like
He definitely still favors Brad a lot, and also looks like big sis quite a bit, but I really think he has developed his own look lately.  A few weeks ago, I looked at him and he just looked different.  Maybe he's losing that teeny baby look altogether now that he is a mature 10 month old :)
I can't think of any new ones this month!
Favorite toy
He is a wild man now - he wants at whatever he can get his little hands on...whether he is supposed to have it or not!  He loves the little piano toy he got for Christmas.  And he is loving playing with this musical drum toy too!  Of course he is also loving crumbs and anything he finds on the floor when he is exploring.  I have to remind Katie on a daily basis not to leave any of her little toys out in areas where Jack is ever on the floor!  Jack still loves anything that makes a dog squeaky toy noise, including Sophie the Giraffe!
Jack got to celebrate his first Easter!  We still haven't put him in the nursery at church (trying to avoid germs when possible), but he did pretty good....he made it through about 2/3 of the service and then I had to take him out and let him play on the floor.
We have a crawler! The week before Easter he really put it all together, and now he is very quick!  He crawls a ton, but I have noticed him getting him and walking with his booty in the air - almost like a gorilla or bear or something!  I wonder if that means he will be walking soon...he has yet to stand up independently, so he has a little time (or at least that is what I'm telling myself)!  He also pulls up on things now.  We had to move the crib down so he wouldn't try to climb out.  He hadn't figured it out yet, but I didn't want that to even be a thought that crossed his mind!  Anytime you say "yayyyy", Jack claps!  And he is definitely proud of himself every time he claps - he gets the biggest smile on his face!
It seems like he is trying to say more and more!  He still says "dada" and "mama"...now he waves and says "byebye"!  He also makes the "nana" noise, but it doesn't equate to anything yet.  Jack will make the "uh oh" sounds too...and he will also imitate a monkey noise if we make one. You can definitely tell that he is putting things together and figuring things out!
Anything else?
I know one thing we need to work on is the sippy cup...he only has 2 more months of bottles and formula (you're welcome, bank account), so we better get cracking on getting him more used to sippy cups!  We do give them to him at meals with water in them, but all he really does is chew on them.  Looks like it is time to get the softer (messier) ones out so he can really see that if he sucks, water comes out!  On a different note, the dude is a BIG flirt!  He tends to prefer blondes, but he has gotten the attention of some brunettes as well.  And they all oooh and aaah over him and his sweet grin and baby blues.  Whew!  I think this is just the beginning!  And now that we are about a week into being 10 months old, I can say he is definitely more of a wild man!  It's almost like he woke up as a 10 month old last week and decided he wanted to get into everything!  And, in true baby fashion, it is typically not his own toys that he is after!  And at restaurants he has become quite vocal and active - he likes to pull things off the table (menus, napkins, etc)!  Watch out world once this little man starts walking!

And this is how most of the "10 month photo shoot" went:



  1. He is one handsome little man!

  2. What a sweetheart! He's definitely not a baby anymore. He is such a big boy!