Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Party Animals

This post should really be "Spring Break Fun: Day Six" - it was a blast!  One of Katie's best friends had a birthday party and we left there and headed straight to my friend Tanja's bridal shower.  It was Katie's first "big girl party" - she was the only little lady there...and she felt so special!

Here is Katie ready to go - she was SO excited about the day of parties! 
First stop was Annalane's party - a Strawberry Shortcake themed party!  Katie had been asking about it every day since the invitation was on the fridge.  These sweet girls have been friends since their first year of Mother's Day Out - Hannah Jo and Katie are still in the same class, but Annalane (in the middle in this picture) is in the one next door.  They still play on the playground together and then they love to play after school in the hallway or outside!
After the girls played and made bracelets and ate lunch - and of course the cake, we headed to Tanja's bridal shower!  It was so nice - every detail was taken care of!  And I got to show Katie the house where I grew up because Tanja's aunt and uncle live right next crazy!  Here is a picture of Katie with Tanja!
And a picture of the three of us!  Katie did a great job while Tanja opened up all her awesome presents!  I think her favorite part was the fruit and cookies that she kept asking to eat though :)
And here is a picture of us before heading out.  What a fun day!  
And the fun didn't stop there for Miss Priss!  When we got home, she and Brad headed out on a Daddy Date to Chuy's!  I'd say that was a close to perfect day for Katie - friends, cake, special attention, Daddy Date, and Chuy's. 


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  1. You gals looks so pretty. I love her little smocked dress!
    Sounds like an awesome day :)