Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Katie!!

How in the world is it possible that my little baby Katie is turning FOUR today!!?? seems just like yesterday that they placed her in my arms for the very first time...
 God chose ME to be a momma to this teeny, precious baby.  What an absolute blessing.
 It has been so much fun watching her change and learn and grow.  She makes us laugh on a daily basis for sure!  And it is almost scary how smart she is.  Whew - she is going to continue to keep us on our toes!
 She is so loving and thoughtful and caring.  And she loves her family and friends!  She loves school.  And she loves pizza, mac and cheese, chicken and french fries, and fruit.  
 It has been amazing to watch her take on the role of big sister.  She is so sweet and helpful - and she loves Jack so much!
She loves to have fun - she is definitely an on the go kinda gal!
She loves princesses and Strawberry Shortcake and Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins and Sophia.
 She had been asking for a Peppa Pig party at Monkey Joe's for at least 6 months - at least she is consistent and knows what she wants!  She had an absolute blast at her party yesterday!  I'll do a separate post on that - but she said her favorite part was playing with all of her friends at Monkey Joe's!
 And here she is this morning...she came in my room and asked, "Am I 4 today??" .... Yes, baby are 4!  And I cannot believe it.
Now we are off to go to dance class and have a special Katie-Mommy afternoon full of getting our nails done, getting ice cream, and maybe going to see the doggies and kitties at the animal shelter.  Then we will meet daddy at Chuck E Cheese for Katie's first time there!  I can't wait to see her face :)

Happy birthday, Sugar Bear.  I am so lucky to be your momma.  And I love you SO BIG!!!


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