Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

What a fantastic Easter we had!  It was (sadly) only the second time we have gone to church as a family of 4 ...and we made it there at 7:30!!!  We all looked nice and presentable in our springy clothes, and we had a great day celebrating at church and then with family throughout the day.  The Easter Bunny did make an appearance as well :)

Here are a few pictures of Katie before we left for sweet!  I can't get over how grown up she looks!

And this little guy did a good job in church service.  We try to wait and put them in the nursery at 12 months...especially during the germier time of the year.  Whew!  He is definitely too loud for church service!  He made it probably 2/3 of the way through the service and I took him out and let him crawl around on the floor until Brad came out at the end of the service.  They have TVs where you can watch the service, so I tried to pay attention to that while we were waiting.
My dentist happened to walk by and snap this picture of the two of us - LOVE it!
After the service, we went to pick Miss Priss up from Sunday School - she and Hannah Jo got to play at church too!  What fun!
Then we headed home and found that the Easter Bunny had come the night before!  Whoa!
I think the kids were pretty excited...what do you think??
Katie absolutely LOVES the Sophia book that the bunny brought!  I think she almost has it memorized now!
And this little guy had a great first Easter!  Love that sweet, smiley face!
He loved his Easter basket and all the goodies in it!  He actually loved it so much that he tried to chew on the basket handle :)
Just LOOK at those thighs!!! 
Katie's second favorite thing in her basket?  The jump rope!  Brad tried to teach her how - she isn't quite there, but she loves to try!
My two sunshines...
And a family picture!  My mom and brother came over for brunch and I got her to take this picture!
And one of me with the kiddos...
And I'm fairly certain that I did about 15 self portraits of me with my brother...I think this turned out pretty cute!
And then one that Brad took...
We had a great brunch!  Fruit, sausage/cream cheese/crescent roll casserole, and french toast that I did in the crockpot while we were at church!  It was all delicious - and so fun to visit and eat!  Later that afternoon after quiet time, we got together for dinner with Brad's mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin.  Of course the food was delicious and the company was great.  We definitely had a fantastic Easter!

The only problem?  We didn't dye Easter eggs.  And the only egg hunt we had was on Good Friday at my mom's house!   I still have all the things to decorate eggs, so I think we may have to do it soon and just make Spring Eggs :)

My favorite moment?  On the way home, Katie was talking about Sunday School and said that she learned that on Easter, the tomb was empty!  


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