Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little More Pre-Kindergarten Fun

We did a few more things leading up to the first day of Kindergarten!  Katie went to play at a friend's house for me to take Ryan to his 2 month appointment and then I went to get the girls for an afternoon of fun!  We went and all got pedicures (the girls also got their fingernails painted) and then hit up Sweet Cece's for some ice cream!
Here they are picking out a color.  If that was the hardest decision they had to make that day, life is just right for a 5 year old :)
 And here they are ready to be pampered!  I loved watching them - while I got mine done too, of course!
 That night, Brad and I headed to Parent Orientation for the kindergarten parents - it was so fun to see her classroom and meet her teacher!  We went out to eat (Ryan went with us too) afterwards...that's the closest we have come to a date night since the night before Ryan was born (and let me remind you I was having contractions the whole time)!
 The next day, Jack got to go to school so I could have time with Katie to have a day of fun!  We started out with breakfast at Krispy Kreme (of course - where else would we have gone?!)...
 And then we headed to the park!  Katie let me take a sweet picture of her before hitting the playground!
 Then it was time to play!
 Afterwards, we headed home for me to feed Ryan!  She also wanted to color some pictures to take to her teachers from The Academy - she wanted to take the pictures to them when we picked Jack up!  After she finished that, we met Brad for lunch at Chuy's!
 That evening, we went to the clubhouse in our neighborhood for a meet and greet of all the kindergartners going to the same school!  It was so fun - pizza, lemonade, and cookies - and the kids had a blast running around!  We did manage to catch them for a group picture in the midst of all the running around!
 Ryan just hung out in the carseat!  He is such a sweet, good baby!
 And Jack had a blast!  We let him have a little bit of freedom with going and playing on the playground (we could still see him but weren't right on him the whole time) and he was amazing!  He would come find us and tell us he went down the slide and then go back for more!
 Here is Katie with a couple of friends - they were all excited to play together (especially knowing they'd see eachother at school the next day)!
Katie is doing a great job with the school routine - I am just so proud of her!  She isn't much on telling me about her day just yet - she saves that for Daddy :)  I'm just glad she likes riding the bus and going to school!  Hopefully the new, exciting part of it won't wear off for a while!


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  1. Awww, cutest pictures ever. How cool that all the kids got together at the pizza place. That is such a great idea. I'm glad Katie is doing well and liking school. That makes it so much easier for us momma's