Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zoo Outings

During the last part of July, I took the kids to the zoo on different occasions.  One time, the weather was absolutely amazing and quite mild for this time of year...and Tanja went with us! It was quite the adventure - and that is putting it nicely.  The second time went much better - thankfully!
I figured the zoo would be a fun adventure and fairly easy to do with all three kiddos.  I use the term "easy" very loosely! :)  Here is Katie!
Jack did alright in his stroller - he definitely wanted out pretty often.  Once we got to the alligator/fish part, I let him get out.  He loved the freedom!
I told him he had to either hold my hand or Sissy's hand - he chose her hand every single time :)
And here are the older two crazies with Tanja!
And I jumped into a picture too!
This little fella was the best behaved of all!  I love that outfit!
After playing with the goats in the petting zoo part, it was full meltdown mode for Katie.  She just couldn't pull it together to be a good listener and yikes.  Not good.   Which meant no carousel.  Enter another meltdown.
This dude was less than thrilled about getting back in his stroller after playing with goats.  Thank GOODNESS I brought fruit snacks and juice boxes for them!
Tanja hung out with Ryan while I took these two through the area inside where all the reptiles and spiders and fish are!  They love to look at everything in there!
 Like I said, the second time was much more of a success!  And I actually got some cute pictures before we left!  LOVE this one!
And I love this one too - a true action shot!  They both wanted to hold Ryan - he is so very loved!
Since behavior was so much better, we made a stop at the carousel before we left.  It was pretty toasty outside, so the kids had rosy cheeks for sure!  Love this sweet girl!
Jack loves the carousel but wanted me to keep my arm around him the whole time.  I certainly don't mind!
And I took a picture of this cutie once we got home and cooled off.  He was so good!
I can't wait to go to the zoo some more.  I do have a double jogger stroller I can use...or a sit and stand stroller.  Our garage is certainly like a parking lot for strollers, and I am thinking I may need to add one more (a double umbrella stroller) to the mix - yikes!  Any of those will be good for the zoo...especially ones that I can strap Jack into - he is on the move all the time!

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