Monday, August 18, 2014

First Full Day of K + The Bus

Today was another big day for my sweet girl!  It was the first full day of school - and riding the bus! AH!  And let me say how proud I am of her - she is doing GREAT and handling it all like a pro!  She absolutely loved riding the bus - and she thought it was so fun that our neighbor Sydney rides it too :)
Katie got up and got ready this morning - she was super excited!  She even cooperated for a picture before we loaded the brothers into the double jogger and headed down to the stop! 
 Then we walked down.  Man.  She sure looks grown up with that backpack on!
 Sydney is in third grade at Katie's school and agreed to walk Katie to her classroom.  They were both so excited!  Such sweet girls. 
 And then the bus rolled around!  AH!  I couldn't believe my baby was getting on that big yellow thing and headed to school.  Whew.  But it was so exciting too!
 SO BIG! I just wanted to freeze time and take it all in.  My girl.  She had gotten on that big bus.  And she was about to go to her first long day at school.  Amazing.
 And then this happened.  Melt my heart for sure.  After I snapped this she waved at me.  Love her so much!
 And then the bus left.  With our sweet little lady on board.  And see that?  That would be Daddy's car following the bus to school :) He wanted to make sure that she made it safely on her first day.  So sweet.
He got there and watched her get off the bus.  And the kindergarten kiddos that ride the bus got wristbands for their bus color so they could get it all down this week.  So after Katie got that done, she waited patiently for Sydney, and they were off headed to Katie's class. Brad got a couple pictures of them - absolutely love them!  I did fine until he sent these to me.  I just still cannot believe my baby girl is in KINDERGARTEN!  And looks so grown up!  And is responsible!  And then she and Syd holding hands going in together just melted me into a gigantic momma puddle.
I definitely wonder what Syd was telling Katie here :) And right after Brad took this picture, Katie spotted him and said, "Daddy!  What are YOU doing here?!" And Brad explained that he just wanted to make sure that she made it on her first day on the bus - she thought that was so neat!  He gave her a kiss and she headed right inside!  Amazing!
And as usual, I had a busy day of exercise and shopping (Katie needed a new soccer ball and some athletic shorts - her first soccer practice was today too!) and feeding and all that jazz.  I also made Katie a snack that I had waiting on her when she got home.  I knew she'd be hungry and need energy for soccer, so I had a smoothie waiting on her - and it was delicious! 
 I tried to get down to where the bus stop is early so I'd be waiting on her - and the bus came SUPER early!  I had to jog to even watch her get off the bus!  I got this pic of them as they walked toward me.  Notice Katie was NOT in the mood for any more pictures!
 But I think she was happy to see me :)  I could tell she was kind of tired too - it is a long day!  She is in school a little extra on either side for the bus ride!
And we got a thumbs up for the first regular day of school.  I'll take it!
I am SO glad she seems to be adjusting well and loving school.  I hope it is a trend - though I completely expect there to be some rocky days.  We are so blessed to have great neighbors, great friends, and a great school with a wonderful teacher.  And I have such amazing friends that have checked on me to make sure I am surviving too :)  Love them!


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  1. I'm so happy to hear she is doing well and how awesome that she is riding the bus and loving it. None of my kids will ride the bus. Anika has NEVER been on one and Axle cries everyday so there is no way a bus would work for him!!! I love that her daddy followed her, that is the sweetest thing ever :)