Sunday, August 10, 2014

Outside Fun

We try to take advantage of good summer weather and the sun staying out - which means outside fun after dinner!  Both the big kids have plasma cars and they loved taking them outside to play on!  They did have them inside to play with, but that got to be too much for me - they're so loud!  But they are perfect for outside play :)  Here they are ready to start racing!
 On your mark...get set....GO!!!
 And then Daddy and Ryan came out!  We love that the plasma cars can hold a parent and a child :)
 Love this action shot - especially of Sadie's ears flopping!
 And a quick pic of the little dude and myself!
 Katie and Jack were rolling down a little hill in our neighbors' yard and I took the picture at just the right time - Katie's face is hilarious as she smushed her brother!
 We have also been taking walks on the weekends - and if there is time after dinner, we have done that too!  I love having a double jogger!
 Katie isn't always the biggest fan of walks since she is actually walking now, but she does like to hold Sadie's leash!
 Daddy and Jack sliding!  So sweet :)
 And we had two hot boys when we got home!  That day was especially hot.  Whew - I can guarantee there was a very hot mommy and daddy too!
 I'm also walking for exercise most days during the week. In order to convince the kids it is a good idea, a stop at the playground typically has to happen!  Katie and Jack play with each other really well!  Here is Miss Priss about to slide!
 Love that sweet smile!  And of course he has a choo choo in hand :)
 Katie was playing under the play structure and Jack was watching.  I LOVE this picture!
 Here she is playing - she was using mulch as ice cream and setting it out!
 And this little peanut was just looking at all of nature and happy as could be!
 Jack got in on the "ice cream fun" as well - so sweet.
And this past week, after dinner, I knew we were needing to water the grass (new sod that was put down at the beginning of the summer), so I decided to take the kids out and let them romp around in the sprinkler!  Katie was SO excited and couldn't believe they were going to wear their real clothes!
 We let Jack do it on his own one night when Katie was having a sleepover with a friend and he was a little hesitant.  Needless to say that was not an option when playing with Sissy!
 She loved leaning over into the sprinkler with her hair and then flinging water everywhere when she stood up!
 Ryan and I just sat back and watched :)
 See?  There was no standing back for Jack :)
 They had the BEST time!  And we went inside through the laundry room so they could strip and go straight to the bath!
 Love this picture :)
 And then the next day we did another walk to the playground!  They were excited I was bringing chalk with us!
 This little guy was all smiles!  Love how happy and content he is!
 They did all sorts of drawing at the playground!  Katie was making handprint turkeys here :)
 I MAY have bribed them with water to make them sit still and look at the camera - ha!
 He will go down that slide all day!  As long as there aren't any bugs or piles of dirt on them, of course :)
 And I did get Ryan out of the stroller!  We are getting pretty good at the Mommy-with-Ryan selfies!
Love that we get out and have fun just about everyday!


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  1. Love all the pictures! Looks like y'all are having a great summer! Oh and you look fantastic!!