Monday, August 4, 2014

Swim Lessons

I had good intentions to get started with the kids' swim lessons for the summer before Ryan made his entrance into the world.  BUT...that didn't happen :) But we did manage to get 4 swim lessons in for Katie - and sort of for Jack.  The first one was about a month ago and went great.  I got there with all three kids on time.  Katie went first and did a really good job!  Here she is with the same instructor she has had the last couple of summers.
I have to say that I am glad we did them.  But I am also glad that we are finished.  Katie loves to be in the water and does a really good job!
While Katie had her lesson, Ryan slept in his carseat and Jack drank and then played with a juice box!  Sweet, sweet boy.
Just look at those eyelashes!
And then he had his first swim lesson!  He did a pretty good job (all things considered) during this first lesson.  During the second and third, I feel like he took some steps backwards - he didn't want to be in the water with the instructor and just wasn't having it.  And then he didn't even do his fourth lesson.  Next summer should be good timing for him though!
Glad we can mark that off our summer to do list.  One of the few things we can mark off :) It seems like I was just putting together our list and now summer is almost over! Ah!  I will just save it for next summer!

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