Friday, August 29, 2014

SEC Tailgate

Bring on some football season!  That's right!  It is that time of year...time to break out the football team décor (I am sure a post will come on all of that) and cute outfits!  A couple weeks ago, I headed with friends to the SEC Tailgate!  Tanja and I have been to this together for four years now.  I have to say this year's was a little disappointing.  I still had a fun time, but it was at a new location right in the heart of downtown Nashville and I feel like that changed the dynamic.  It was really crowded and the lines for a drink were really long and there weren't as many BBQ restaurants (and the ones that were there closed up shop way earlier than in the past).  Of course it was fun ringing in yet another football season (and I got to get out without any of the kids - amazing!)! 
Here is a cute picture of Tanja and myself!
And a picture of me with Tanja and Clair!  Please excuse the fact that you can sort of see through my shirt - glad I stepped it up in the bra department that evening - nursing bras don't usually offer much support! HA!
And a group shot!
 And then a cute picture of Nick and Tanja!
After we finished at the event, we walked down the street and grabbed a late dinner at a rooftop restaurant (I, of course, can't remember the name of it) - it was so cool to look across the river at the Titans stadium and across the street at Hard Rock Cafe down below!  Thanks, Brad, for letting me have a few hours out of the house!


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