Monday, August 11, 2014

Ryan: Two Months

Things are improving here - whew!  Just in the last week or so, I have seen a pattern of Ryan eating around 8 and falling asleep and then eating again at around 10 or 10:15 and staying asleep until 6:00 or just before!  YAY!  I am loving getting a few extra hours of sleep in a row - that is for sure.  And after he eats, he is good about falling back asleep.  I am trying to pay closer attention to his daytime sleeping patterns so I can start to note when the naptimes will happen.  With that said, he is going to have to work with the flow of our days with Katie starting Kindergarten and then Jack being in preschool and then starting back to school at our church next month!
Ryan is eating about 8 times per day now (he goes 2-3 hours between feedings).  When he nurses, it is about 20-25 minutes...he is definitely more efficient with his eating!  His bottles lately have been 3.75 ounces, but I feel like he could definitely handle eating 4 ounces.
At his appointment today, he was 12 pounds, 7 ounces....the 50-75th percentile! 
He was 22 inches....the 10-25th percentile!  
Size Clothes
Ryan is wearing 3 month things right now!  Well, except for a few select brands (Kissy Kissy, for one) that tend to run small...he is in a 3-6 month in that one!  His sleepers seem like they are starting to get too short, so we may be moving up to 6 month sleepers before too long!
Size Diapers
Size 1! And we still prefer Pampers Swaddlers and Honest Co diapers...I also had a pack of Seventh Generation to use and it worked great too!
Hair color
There really isn't much to be able to tell yet!  From the fuzz that is there, it sometimes looks blonde - other times brown - and sometimes even reddish!
Eye color
I think his eyes lighten up each day - and it appears that they are going to stay blue!
Still a Goat Boy! :)  And there are a few others - Doodlebop, Rhino, The Roc, The Dude, Little Dude, Baby!
Looking Like
Of the three kiddos, Ryan looks the most like Brad (and that is saying a lot - the others favored him a lot!)...and he has expressions that make him look like a mini-me of Jack!
Favorite toy
He is still loving the swing. He is hit or miss with the playmat!  He doesn't use it as much as the other two did - I need to do better about that!  I also put the dangling toys from the handlebar of the carseat and he loves to study those!  I need to get some other toys out - I bet he will love them!  He also does love looking in the mirror!
He had his first bath in the baby bathtub (as opposed to sponge bath since his stump finally fell off) - remember, I said he is getting better.  He certainly didn't care for the first one!

Ryan also sat in the Bumbo seat for the first time!  He still has some neck control to gain, but he enjoys it in small amounts of time!
It seems like he has gotten so much ore active!  He smiles a lot - and it seems like more and more smiles happen each day!  Katie gets more smiles than anyone :)  He is pretty good with tummy time - he certainly lifts his head up and looks around.  His neck strength is amazing!  And his legs - wow!  I don't remember the other two actually attempting to stand up so early!  If I go to stand him up, he will actually put weight on his feet as opposed to lifting them up!  Hopefully that doesn't indicate he is going to be more active than Jack :)  Just this weekend when he was on his belly, he had those legs moving up like he was trying to propel himself.  Oh goodness.  I know that will help in the rolling over process.  And soon enough in the crawling process....yikes.  He also is really paying close attention to things and tracking them!
Anything else?
It is so neat to see all of the kids interact.  Jack always wants him to be put in the swing or papasan chair (maybe some jealousy?) and is so gentle with his kisses.  Katie loves to lay next to him and talk sweet to him and hold him and love on him.  Ryan loves their attention too - he just lights up!  Ryan is great in the carseat - thank goodness!  He also enjoys fresh air and walks - he looks all around and will take a snooze!  He is getting better about baths - he still doesn't like to be cold though!  He does NOT like to be swaddled - he prefers arms up in touchdown position!  So we started using the sleepsack a couple nights ago and he seems to like that.  He takes a pacifier off and on - if he acts hungry, I can sometimes put off feeding for a little while by giving him the pacifier.  And he likes to have it when falling asleep - at least most of the time.  He is still sleeping in our room - once he is good about a regular bedtime routine and sleeping through the night, he will be in his room :) 
Here are some pictures of The Dude from the last month!  Goodness he has changed!  And you know how people say that the third kid hardly has any pictures of them? Well that is clearly not the case here.  There are a LOT of pictures of this little fella - at least for now :)  After all I am picture-obsessed, so it really shouldn't be a surprise, right?



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