Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!

What a day!  Today was Katie's first day of Kindergarten - such a milestone!  And she did wonderfully!  She told me this morning that she was really excited to meet her teacher - and she understood that today was a half day just for the kindergarten girls (boys go tomorrow) - and then boys and girls will all be there for a half day Friday!  She thought it was pretty neat that it would only be girls today. :)  And then Monday starts the ride-the-bus-full-day routine!
Last night, she took a bath and we read The Night Before Kindergarten - such a cute book!
 And we layed out her clothes for her first day at school!
And then we said prayers and tucked her in tight and prepped ourselves that we would have a kindergartener when we woke up!
And then it was time!  I am so, so proud of Katie!  I know she had to be a little anxious and nervous, but she did wonderfully - no tears and she actually got started on her art project that was set up at her desk!  She really liked her teacher, which is super.  In fact, she has already colored two pictures to take her teacher on Friday :)  She said her favorite part of the day was the playground and that she had a cheeseburger to eat at lunch (they encouraged us to let the kids buy their lunch this week so they know the routine).  They read two Pete the Cat books and colored a page of Pete the Cat.  Those were the big things she told me about her day :)
Here she is this morning before heading out!  Man, she looks so grown up!
 And I had to get a full body shot to show off her awesome, sparkly Sperry's!
 And I made the chalkboard!  Yes you read that right - she wants to be a fairy when she grows up! :)
 And we were off!  She was pumped to put that backpack on and head inside!
And one more picture before we headed into the building!
 Daddy took a picture of me and my girl.  Love it - and can you tell that she was over the pictures already?? :)
 She did perk up a little when I asked her to take a picture with Brad!
 And I love these next two pictures.  Brad was pushing Ryan in the stroller and walking next to Katie...
 ...and then she wanted to hold his hand :) I hope that is a moment he treasures forever.  Her wanting to hold his hand on the first day of school may not ever happen again!
 We made our way to her classroom and she finally got to meet her teacher.  She is going to have such a great year!
 And here she is at her desk!  There was an art project ready and waiting on her when she got there.  Perfect way to start her day!
 And a little chat with Daddy before we gave her hugs and kisses and headed out for the day!
And a few hours later Ryan and I headed back to school to pick her up!  The smile on her face once she spotted me was priceless.  But then she hid behind some other girls.  Such a goofball.  Here she is heading to the car!  She is in the middle of the picture right near the principal (white shirt)!
 And she gave her day a thumbs up!  I'll take that for sure!
 And we headed to get ice cream and chat about her day.  Such a fun time with her!
I'm so excited to see what Katie learns this year and to see how much she grows and changes.  She is such an amazing little lady and I know she is destined for great things!



  1. She looked so pretty! I'm so glad she had a great first day! Hope the rest of her year goes just as smoothly.

  2. She's so cute! I'm so glad she had a great first day!