Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fair Fun!

Earlier this month, Jill and I headed out with the girls for our annual girls' adventure at the fair!  I didn't tell Katie we were going until like an hour before we left and she was SO excited!  It has been so fun to see how the girls have grown in the last three years - this year they were both tall enough to ride the bigger rides (which meant us mommas could ride a few things too)!
Here are the girls when we got there!
And I think we finally figured out a good time to go - Sunday afternoon!  It was perfect - hardly any lines...overcast...great!  Here are the girls on the first ride of the day!
And then I managed to get a blurry action shot :) Think she was having fun??
And then time for another ride!  Such sweet friends!
There is just something about little girls holding hands - absolutely precious!  They were waiting their turn to ride the bees here!
Ready to go!
And a momma selfie :)
And the girls wanted to go on this ride - I couldn't wait!  Finally!  I love these rides - and I wasn't pregnant! :) That has been an issue in the past...either the girls aren't big enough or pregnant ladies not being able to do these type of things.  We all had a blast on there!
Then Tilt-A-Whirl time!  This was my attempt at a selfie - and I didn't get Katie's whole face.  Oops :)
It was a BLAST!  This was Katie's reaction at one point.  She kept saying, "Mommy!! Do you love this?!" :)
And this was Stella's action shot - she was having a blast too!
And the girls wanted to do bumper cars!  I rode with Katie but let her drive.  I had to do the pedals for her (something she actually wasn't tall enough to do - reach the accelerator) but I let her steer!  She loved it!
And Jill and Stella were ready too!  So much fun!
Then we headed inside to see all the tractors and trucks and bulldozers and things...Jack would have loved this part - may have to include the brothers at some point because they would have a blast!
And then it was Ferris Wheel time :) Katie absolutely loves this ride - and she was finally tall enough and the line wasn't a mile long! This was the view of the fairground from the top.  My palms were sweating :) Oh, the things we do for our kids!

And here we were at the top!
We also did the part where the girls acted like farmers - they sure love that!  And they rode a few more things (including the carousel)!  Neither of them were thrilled about leaving, but it was time...and we had a blast!  Such a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends!


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  1. What a great day!
    I'm not a fan of the Ferris Wheel either but like you, I do it.