Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 2 + Boo Hoo Breakfast

Katie's second day of Kindergarten was just a half day - but it was with girls and boys!  Here she is before we headed to school!
And heading in! I was so thrilled that she was so excited to go inside!
And she certainly did not want to take this picture - it sure is amazing how quickly she can go from a scowl to her picture-ready smile!
She showed us where her cubby is and sat right down to work on her art!  They did lots of fun Pete the Cat activities those first couple days of school!  In fact, on this particular day, I think they went looking around the school for Pete (and couldn't ever find him)!  I think that may have been their way of making it fun to show the kids around the school :)
After we kissed Katie goodbye, Brad and I headed to the Boo Hoo Breakfast that the PTO hosted for kindergarten parents.  Each long cafeteria table was for each teacher's class.  And we found our place by finding this.  A picture of Katie with her teacher, a sweet poem, and a drawing!  At first look, it appeared Katie had written "crap" on her page :)  When I asked her what the picture was of (she said it was of her sitting on the rug in the classroom - in her place - and she is even sitting criss cross applesauce) and that the word says RUG. :)
And here is the up-close look at the picture and poem.  It is very sweet.  And I am fairly certain Katie and her teacher could be sisters or mother/daughter or something.  I could see Katie looking a lot like her teacher when she gets older! Kind of strange :)
They also had this parent survival kit set out for everyone.  Each item in the kit has a special nice and thoughtful!
Many people had contributed to cooking different items for the breakfast and it was delicious!  The principal read the book The Kissing Hand - so sweet. What a great way to start the school year as a kindergarten parent!
 I am so, so glad Katie is still loving school!  She is making friends and learning and comes home excited to talk about her day (sometimes to me, sometimes to Daddy)!  I hope she loves to learn and make friends and go to school for many, many more years :)


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  1. I'm so glad she's still doing so well. That breakfast is such a cute idea. Your right too, her and her teacher do look a lot alike.