Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Time Out!

It took so long for me to get out of the house child-free that I almost forgot what it felt like.  I could listen to loud music.  Or I could sit in silence.  And I could have an adult conversation without a trip to the potty or interruption or throwing something.  :)
It was July 24, to be exact.  So that was, what...about 6 weeks?  Whew.  It was glorious!  Brad's group at work had a happy hour and I took that opportunity to get out!  It was so nice to take a shower...put on real clothes and not be afraid to get spit up or peed on...and makeup on!
Here is a picture of Brad and myself at the happy hour!  I wasn't gone too long because of the whole breastfeeding situation, but it was nice to get a break without any of the kiddos!
And I had to get evidence of just myself :)  I also think I will use this picture as my "before" pic - I have started counting calories and attempting to exercise every day...I know what it takes to get in shape and I am so ready to be back in that two piece bathing suit by next summer!
I felt so cute and happy to be out - and Brad's first comment when I met him was, "Um.  Are you wearing purple pants?!"  oh my.  He said he was kidding.  I think he was not :)
As evidenced by a lot of the pictures of Katie, we love Matilda Jane at our house - and they have adult clothes too!  The other day Katie came into our closet and asked me if I would wear MJ too - ha!  I guess if we are ever going to match, this will be how!  She thinks that is a neat idea, so I need to take advantage of that!


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