Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best Buds

I knew that Sadie and Katie would be eachothers' favorite playmates one day, and I do believe that day as come. First thing in the morning Katie asks for Sadie. And she has to give her goodnight kisses and hugs before nap and bedtime. She helps feed her now (scooping the food and dumping it into the food bowl). And of course play - the universal language. She brings Sadie pretend food and water. Oh, and she likes to ride her like a horse, as you may have seen in previous posts. Katie also loves giving Sadie treats. I am fairly sure Sadie does not mind that! And Katie has started saying "No, Sadie!" or "Down, Sadie!" or "Sit, Sadie!" - so cute. Sadie hasn't quite figured out what Katie is saying, but she loves it just the same.

{they were sitting under the kitchen table like this. looks like they were solving the world's problems!}
{sitting down to a morning snack together}

{treat time!}

{so cute. rolling around on the floor together.}

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