Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Short Roadtrip

We took a quick roadtrip to Memphis last Friday for just one night. A boss at Brad's company had a pool party, so we went for that and then spent the night with friends. Brad lived there when we started dating and still has friends there that he worked with - and fave restaurants that he likes to visit. The friends we stayed with have an almost 5 year old and a 2 year old (the older girly was visiting her grandparents)! Katie had a BLAST playing with their little girl! And we had a great time seeing friends and visiting! Here are some pictures from our quick trip!

{Katie was all snuggled in for the drive. And no, she did not ever sleep on the way there.}
{I don't have any pictures from the pool party, but here are the girls jumping in the bed Saturday morning! They thought it was the best thing ever.}

{Katie modeling her new Little Honeybee Designs outfit! We got it when we stayed with our friends - and I've never seen Katie so protective and excited over an outfit!}

{The little girls watching their daddies load our car}

{Playing on the chair - isn't this just adorable?!}

{We had changed Katie's diaper in the seat when we made a gas stop and she loved sitting in the chair like a big girl. She loved it so much that she felt the need to honk the horn.}

{Home sweet home! Katie missed sweet Sadie so much!}

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