Monday, August 29, 2011

Potty Outtakes

As I mentioned previously, we attempted the start of potty training last week. After that experience (which actually was not horrible), and reading a few books, I think we are going to have to go about things a little differently. I have been so busy with work that it has been hard for me to devote a lot of time to just the potty training. So I think it is going to take blocking out a few days and really working on it. I have a few books about potty training in a day and another book about a three day potty training method. I think I will take a look through all of these and see what I think will have the best outcome since I do think I know Katie best :)

But I wanted to do a little recap of our efforts last week. We started with the necessities...a potty chair, big pile of clean panties, cup full of juice (special treat to make her drink more), and her potty treat jar...

And we started things outside (which I think when we really buckle down, we will not be outside at all). Let the hydration begin!
And then potty time. Hoping an Elmo potty book (with sound effects and all) would help inspire her!

Helping her big Elmo take a picture with her Elmo camera. And I will point out that I think when we attempt this again, we won't "camp out" on the potty. We will sit and if there isn't any action in the first few seconds, we will continue about activities. In real life, she isn't going to just sit on the potty for 20 minutes on end to try to pee.

After reading a book, she decided she would frame her face! So silly.

And Sadie was pretty curious about what we were up to.

So, after doing a little reading and seeing how it went last week, I think we will leave the potty chair in the bathroom (a very normal location) and try to go cold turkey with the diapers to panties transition. This requires having me right there with her, and if she starts to pee, rushing her to the toilet. I also need to go through these other books as well - I know one of them suggested having a doll that can drink and pee, so we have that ready to go too. Another suggested having at least 20 pairs of clean panties on standby (knowing we'd be having some accidents and need changes of panties), so I think we are set there now (after purchasing some Hello Kitty ones at Target today). The thing I hate is cleaning up all the pee accidents on the floor. If anyone has any suggestions on what to include in my "tool belt for cleanup", please do share! I will hopefully have a potty trained child sometime VERY soon!


  1. When we first started, I bought a bunch of the training pants with the very thick fabric in the middle and the plastic bloomers. It was well worth it to not have to clean up the floor every time there was an accident. I could only find them online, though.

    Of course, these don't have the adorable prints you can get with the normal panties. Chloe Jo was so excited the day I bought her panties with Elmo on them!

    Good luck with however you decide to do it!

  2. I would recommend getting the really thick training panties-they are way better than the thin ones-they absorb a lot more and don't leave as big of a mess everywhere. The thin ones just let everything run everywhere. Kennedy wore the thick cotton ones for a long time.