Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! These last few weeks sure feel like they've flown by! Whew!

Here's what I'm LOVING today! ...

I'm LOVING the ballerina party idea featured at THIS BLOG! I especially love these tutus she made for all of the kids that attended.
I'm LOVING this bucket hat that I bought from Zulily for Miss Priss - she loves to wear hats when she's playing at home. I wonder if I can get her to wear hats as part of an outfit??

I'm LOVING that Zulily had Madame Alexander dolls! My grandmother gave me several of these when I was little. I ordered this one for Katie to start a small collection for her. These dolls are collectible type things and are so expensive, so I was glad to get a great deal on this one!

I'm LOVING Nutella! It is dangerous to even have it in the house...I can eat it on just about everything. I made a Nutella Banana Bread yesterday, so I had to buy it...darn! ;) Come back on Foody Friday to see that recipe!

I'm LOVING this sweet girl. She is so much fun. And it is amazing the things she is doing these days. I really need to do a post so I can remember the funny things she's been doing and saying! And I have to say - I'm LOVING her outfit too! Flit & Flitter makes some of THE cutest things!

What are YOU loving today??

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