Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big, Big Elmo

On Tuesday, a locally owned toy store had an Elmo Meet & Greet!! I love that they send out their calendar of activities at the beginning of each month - so many fun things! That was the first time we had been to this store, and it was amazing! I could stay in there for hours! Katie was excited about the idea of seeing Elmo, but she did want to even get close to him! This was how her visit started.

We met some friends there and they played with some of the toys out in the store. Then they went together to say hi to Elmo again. I suggested Katie show the blocks that she had been playing with (and that she had put in a shower caddy for tweens) to Elmo. She LOVED bonding over the blocks with Elmo!
And then they became BFF. Katie was giving him high fives and booms. And she can't stop talking about the "big, big, big Elmo". Those have been the first words out of her mouth in the mornings. We will definitely be going to see Elmo whenever he is back at the store!

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