Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 Happy Hump Day! Happy Wednesday!  Happy Two-Days-Til-Football-Season!

I'm LOVING this sweet girl and her fashionista tendencies.  She has her new purse on (which she always wears around her neck like this), a pair of sunglasses I got at an event, and my shoes.  We are in big trouble when the teenage years hit.
 I'm LOVING a full fridge just after a big run to the store.  I know I am so blessed to be able to have all of these choices right in my very own house.  It also means lots of cooking is going on here this week!
 I'm LOVING that Katie has been rather arsty this week! She is really enjoying coloring in her Smurfs coloring book and doing her Hello Kitty paint with water.  I am hoping this means we are stepping out of this intensive Elmo phase!
 I'm LOVING Facebook shopping.  There are lots of moms that have started boutique type clothing stores with their own Facebook page.  There are also moms that have pages where they are trying to sell the clothes their kids have outgrown.  Lastly, I have recently loved finding a page where you can find people that are looking for/trying to sell clothes with certain monograms and names/letters.  So far, I have found a lady that has a little girl with Katie's same initials who is a couple of years older - YAY! That means I can buy monogrammed things from her for less.  And this cute outfit came from another mom who has a Katie!
 I'm LOVING that we found the little mini Pillow Pets yesterday.  And of all places, we found them at Office Depot!  Katie picked this little ladybug - it is so cute!  On the way home, we talked about what to name her.  I suggsested names like Lady, Dotty, Dots, etc.  When we got home, she held her up proudly and said PRISSY!  So, Katie has named her first stuffed animal.  And goodness gracious - Prissy?! Again, we are in big trouble...
 I'm LOVING my new decoration in my dome.  I may be putting fall type things out a little early, but I just love this little pumpkin I found at Hobby Lobby!
 I'm LOVING these placemats I found for Katie!  Hoping it means learning while making less of a mess at the dinner table!
 I'm LOVING that we got free dinner last night!  A new restaurant is opening and they opened their doors for folks to have dinner on them in order to train their staff.  You had to have a special postcard to have reservations, and it was really hectic, but it was FREE!  And it was yummy!  I wish I had known that I could have ordered multiple pizzas to bring home...oh well!  And Katie loved that they give little pieces of dough to the kids to play with while they wait!

What are YOU loving today?? Link up {HeRe}!!


  1. Cute WILW! You little girl is precious!

  2. Such great loves today! I wish I had a full fridge. Have a happy day!

  3. Love your little pumpkin! I am SO ready for Fall!

    I hope you have a great Wednesday!

    P.S. I love your little cutie's name - cool girls are named Katie! :]

  4. Great things you are loving today!! That little pumpkin you got is so cute. Makes me ready to decorate for Fall too!
    Your little girl is ADORABLE!!!!!