Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Potty Tales

Well, last night I decided I would give potty training a try today. We got up this morning and got ready. Then we had to head to the store to pick up some things for dinner tonight (and I still have to go back because I forgot one thing - hate that)! When we got home, I gave Katie a bunch of juice/water (so that she would soon have the urge to pee pee) and put some Elmo panties on her. We headed outside so she could play and I had her sit on the potty every few minutes to try to pee pee! We tried for an hour and there was no pee - in the panties OR potty! She got tired of being outside and wanted to go in, so inside we went. I was trying to keep it outside in hopes of if there was an accident, it would be no biggy outside. Well, when we came inside, I kept helping her sit on the potty to try. When she would get off the potty, I put on these training pants instead (like panties on the inside but waterproof). Well, the minute I put that on her, she peed in the first pair. Bring on round two...she peed in that one as well (even after sitting on the potty for minutes at a time). After putting on her fourth pair of panties, she finally went pee pee in the potty - a big one! She was SO proud! And then she was playing and went pee on the floor. I put her diaper on her so she could eat lunch and then let her sit on the potty afterwards - another pee pee!! She was so excited! And so was momma! I'd say 2 pees in the potty and 3 wet pairs of panties is a-okay for the first go at potty training. And I changed our treat system. We are now doing one treat for sitting on the potty and trying, two treats for a pee pee, and will do three treats for a poop. I guess I need to just keep at it as best I can. I welcome ANY suggestions, advice, books to read, etc! Help a momma out! :)

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  1. That's great! Don't get discouraged. Chloe Jo peed in her panties 11 (I think...it was definitely double digits) times the first day of potty training.