Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend of Firsts

Whew! What a big weekend we had! It was jam-packed with fun activities for sure. I think I still am catching up on sleep! I wanted to highlight some of the fun firsts othat ths weekend had for us!

{Katie chewed her first gum on Friday! It looked just like one of those pink gumballs in that picture. We ate lunch with some friends and she wanted a ball out of the jar just like everyone else. She held it for abount 10 minutes. I kept checking on her to make sure it was still in her hand. And on one of my checks, I noticed a pink stained hand and something huge in her mouth. I pulled into the nearest gas station and grabbed the hunk of chewing gum out. She had been actually chewing it just like anyone else would! She was not too thrilled about me taking it from her. I wonder if she would have kept chewing it or tried to swallow it. Hm. Regardless, I'm glad I caught it just in time!}
{Katie's first ride! We went to the local fair on Friday night and met some friends there. They had lots of kiddie rides and we put Katie on one with our friends' kids. Don't they all look adorabloe? I especially love that Katie loved her pigtails! Katie did great on this ride - likely because she was with her friends. We tried to put her on one with doggies and she went around once and started screaming. She also went on the humongous slide with Brad - ya know, the one that is like 2 or 3 stories tall? She sat in Brad's lap and loved every second of it.}

{First football game of the season! Brad and I went to the first Titans preseason game with a bunch of friends. We had amazing seats - 4th rows away from actually sitting on the bench with the players. Pretty awesome. Also helps that they won!}
{My mom and I went to see The Help on Sunday night. I say this is a first because I could most definitely go see it a second and maybe even a third time. Loved it. Makes me want to read the book again!}

{And I just threw this in there for fun - there aren't too many pictures of me with my momma on here! There also aren't very many pictures at ALL where my mom's eyes are all the way open. What are we gonna do with her??}

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