Wednesday, October 2, 2013

From Silly to Sick

Well, yesterday the kiddos were full of energy and zip in the morning and then it was a different story when I picked them up!  Katie was whiney/tear-y, exhausted, saying her stomach hurt, wanted to sleep, etc.  And Jack had a rash that had gotten worse throughout the day, so after loading up in the car (and saying hi to Cee Cee who stopped by because she was in the area), I as on the phone with the pediatrician.  They had an appointment available about 20 minutes after we talked, so we headed straight there.  Jack had been on amoxicillin since Saturday (story to come in the weekend recap) and they wanted to make sure he hadn't developed an allergic reaction!  

So glad they had two available appointments...our normal pediatrician is off on Tuesdays (of course) so we saw a different one whom we had never seen - he was great!  And he saw both kiddos....both of them have ear infections (Jack's is despite amoxicillin for 4 days) and Jack has a lovely case of Hand Foot Mouth!  Poor buddy.  They said the ulcers in his mouth look like they are healing so he is over the hump.  And looking back, Katie had a rash across her chest last week, and I bet that's what it was!  So, we stopped at the grocery knowing we would be at home most of tonight and tomorrow and then swung by Walgreens for the meds for the kids and headed home.  

After dinner, we watched a show and then it was bedtime.  Katie got ready for bed and fell asleep before I could even tuck her in - poor thing...we didn't even get to read her new book!  And Jack didn't complain one bit about going to sleep (I did read him his new book)!  
Look at that sweet face.  I can see her sweet baby face still when she sleeps - melts my momma heart!
Sadie was concerned about her and stayed on her bed with her.  She loves Katie!  I love how good she is with both kids - but she and Katie have a special bond for sure!
Thank goodness they are both bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning!  The stronger antibiotic is working its magic on the ear infections and Jack's rash seems to be almost gone!  Now for a relaxing day with the kids at home - and hopefully sending them back to school tomorrow (barring any more fevers today)!


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