Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Recap: Weekend Before Last (Part One)

Before I get TOO behind, I wanted to do a post about the fun adventure Katie had with Brad and Grandma!  Last weekend (weekend before last), they headed to Atlanta to go to some Braves baseball games!  Brad was determined to make it to a game or two before the end of the season - and they barely made it!  They went to the last two games of regular season play!

Here is Miss Priss before they left!
Do you think she was excited? Ha!
And a group shot before they hit the road!
They made it in time to check in to the hotel and get to the ballpark and walk around before the game.  Their tickets were amazing - and in fact, the Pitching Coach, Roger McDowell, gave Katie a ball before the game started!  She thought that was so special - and I think Brad was slightly jealous :)
She picked out a hat at the game!
And doing the chop - she loves that (and yelling "CHARGE!!")!
They stayed the whole game (which had an exciting end but unfortunately not a win) and then had a snack before bedtime.  Katie was up WAY late!

The next morning they got up, got ready, ate breakfast at the hotel, and then headed back to the ballpark!  Their seats weren't as good (according to Brad) but they had a great time!
It was even better because the Braves won - and they won big!  They headed out from the game and finally made it home at around 8:45 that night - Katie had a big weekend for sure!  Here she is wired after telling me all about the games - I didn't think she would ever go to sleep!
So glad they got to have such a fun time at the ballgames!  Check back to see what Jack and I were up to while they were away!


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