Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: Weekend Before Last (Part Two)

So that same weekend that Brad and Katie and Janette were out of town, I had fun ideas for things Jack and I could do!  I took these pictures of him in the wagon as the crew was preparing to leave....

I just love that sweet face and beautiful eyes (yes, I think they are beautiful!)...
Literally within minutes of them leaving our driveway, Jack started acting lethargic.  And wanted me to hold him.  And then this happened...
This, boys and girls, is NOT normal!  And he felt really warm.  So I took his temp and it was 103.  So off we went to a walkin clinic!  He had an ear infection (and also, looking back on it, I think this was when the Hand Foot Mouth Disease started)!  So we started meds and headed home to eat a light lunch and snuggle.  I watched a Lifetime movie while he slept snuggled against me.
After he woke up, he felt a lot better!  Not 100%, but definitely an improvement!  He has started trying to actually sit at this picnic table...
He loves playing with blocks too!  Mainly throwing them though!
And I got a quick pic of him in his Braves hat before bedtime.  I call this is "Uggla face"!
This is Dan Uggla - one of the Braves player.  He always has the toughest expression on his face when he is at bat.  And he's pretty easy on the eyes too :)  Go Braves! 
Sunday morning we clearly didn't go to church.  We headed out on a walk - it was beautiful morning!
And after some more playing and eating lunch, it was naptime for Jack!
He was bright eyed and bushy tailed when he got up.  He loves Sadie SO much!  I just love this picture!
And one last one - I don't know how I actually caught a smiling picture of him.  He is usually a blur of activity!
What a weekend!  Glad he felt better and the rest of the crew had a great time!  I did enjoy the snuggles and down time for sure.  Just hate that he got sick!  And he actually got a little worse before he got better - he ended up being diagnosed with Hand Foot Mouth Disease and an ear infection in the other ear the following Tuesday!  And he is teething - poor dude just can't catch a break! :)  Glad he's doing better now!


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