Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looking Like Fall

We are finally decorated for Fall/Halloween on the outside!  I have pulled the indoor decor out but still haven't put it on display - guess I need to get on that, huh!

Last week we went to a local produce stand and got some pumpkins and mums so that the front porch could be festive looking!  The kids had a great time helping pick out pumpkins and flowers!

We were loaded up and headed home to decorate!
I am so happy with how the front porch is decorated!  I LOVE all of the pumpkins!!
There's nothing better than mums on a front porch during the fall!  It's just so inviting!
Katie picked out the little pumpkins with faces (and of course a power T for Brad) painted on them.  While I was getting pictures of the porch, she wanted pictures of her little pumpkins!  She organized them and decorated the table with them - and then she ran inside to grab her camera!  Love this!
Meanwhile Jack was hanging out in the wagon.  Katie wanted to make sure he got to see all the decorations, so she pulled him over to see it all.  Such a sweet, thoughtful sister!
I can't wait to get all the indoor things set up - hand towels, pumpkins, candy corn in vases - bring it on!  I think we are doing our annual family tradition of breakfast and the pumpkin patch this weekend and I'm so excited - and I think some friends are going with us too!  Yay!


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