Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Morning Silliness

We were actually ahead of schedule this morning, so I tried to get a few pics of the kiddos! Let's just say I was sweating by the time we finished, but I think I got some pretty cute ones!

Jack is at the stage where he clearly does not want to sit still - ha!  Katie is a trooper (only for so long though) and will try to keep him in his lap...this was how it started...
 And I repositioned him and got this - I love Katie peering around smiling!
 And then this one.  Can't help but laugh - Jack is a mess!
 And Katie helped make funny faces to get him to smile for a picture by himself - and it worked!
 And once I gave him Sadie's ball, he sat where I wanted him to!  I think he is saying "ball" in this one :) - he is so proud!
 And laughing at sis - I love how she can make him smile and laugh!
 This boy is growing up WAY too quickly!  
 And a couple of Miss Priss!  I put Jack in the car and snapped a couple of Katie before we loaded up and headed to school!
 She is looking way too grown up these days too - slow down, time!
I know I've been MIA lately - I will be back with a weekend recap and a few other posts this week!  Have a super day!


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