Monday, October 21, 2013

Titans Tailgate

What a fun weekend we had!  Yesterday, we got up and headed to church.  Afterwards, we went downtown and tailgated with friends for the Tennessee Titans game!  They have a big tailgate for all the home games and we had been wanting to go for a while - and we finally did!  The kids did great - Katie thought it was so much fun!  She really wanted to go to the game (we left after a couple hours to get home for Jack to nap and ended up watching the game on TV), so we told her we would try to go to a game sometime soon :)  Here are some pictures from the fun!

{here is a picture from the tailgate - tables set up, lots of chairs, the Titans bus, food tables, grill, flatscreen TV ... they definitely know what they are doing!}
{the whole crew!}
{Katie wanted her picture with the titans helmet cart - hilarious!}
{she had so much fun!  this is the first tailgating experience she will remember...the rest of the tailgates we go to/have ourselves has a lot to live up to!}
{and thank goodness we still had the wagon in the back of the van from the pumpkin patch - it worked perfectly to contain the dude!  Tanja liked sitting in it with him too :) he was having a blast shredding a napkin...crazy boy!}
{and they had so much fun throwing the beanbags - and climbing on the boards.}
{they couldn't get enough of all the fun!}
{Katie and I were peeking through a window of the bus - she though that was so fun...and honking the horn!}
{a picture of me and Katie with the Nashville skyline and Titans stadium behind us!}
{love this picture of Tanja + Nick!  the skyline behind them looks pretty neat - and of course it is good of them too!}
{Tanja and Katie...I didn't tell Katie that we were going to see Tanja and her family - she was beyond excited once she finally figured it out!}
{and one of me and Brad!  we accidentally matched - ha!}
{love this picture of Tanja with the kiddos!}
{and Katie wanted to take a picture - not too shabby!}
{one more of us :) - it was such a beautiful day! and it felt so good in the sunshine!}
{and it took extreme measures to keep Jack awake in the car on the way home - it was way past his typical naptime and he had been romping around a lot!  Brad made the puppet - that he named Roger Rainbow - talk with the kids the whole way home.  we were all laughing the whole way!  and the good news?  it worked!}

Unfortunately the Titans lost, but we had such a fun time tailgating!  We watched the game at home and then I headed to Bible study and Brad and the kids went to dinner with his family for his uncle's birthday!  They all came back to the house for a little bit, so I was glad that I got to see them for a little while!  What a busy, fun weekend!  And to top it all off?  Both UT and Auburn had big wins!!! YAY!!


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