Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap (Actually On Time!)

What a fun, jam-packed weekend we had!  We got to do some fun things this weekend!  Friday night, Brad and I went to the Light the Night walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - we hung out and ate a little bite but didn't actually participate in the walk since we had plans later.  I love this - the Nashville skyline and all the balloons at the event as it was getting dark!
We left there and met some friends for dinner at Lockeland Table - it was so fun and delicious!  Some of the other folks had left already when we took this picture - still so cute though!
I got up Saturday morning and headed to Tae Bo - this is a before and after the workout picture.  Whew!  I was so sweaty during I had just gotten out of a pool kind of sweat!
We headed to the park for some play and a picnic before Jack needed to nap and Katie's quiet time - the weather was perfect!
And then we had our family pictures taken Saturday late afternoon.  I think I've figured out a good strategy - choose the weekend that UT has a bye!  The TV didn't have but a few minutes of sports on the whole day - it was such a nice break :) And everyone was very cooperative for the pictures!  Here is one of the sneak peeks from the session...can't wait to see all of them!  Bethany from Stone-Hall Photography is so great to work with and does super work!  Check out her Facebook page {here}!
Then we headed to Outback for a family dinner - it was so nice!  The kids ate wonderfully and acted so sweet!  Katie did some good coloring...and Daddy helped too!
Sunday morning I got up bright and early and headed downtown for The Color Run!  Here I am crossing the finish line!
They didn't have it officially timed, but my friend ran an 8:30 minute mile and said she didn't finish too far ahead of me and that I likely ran a 10:00 mile or so...that would be a personal best for sure!  I didn't take my phone because I didn't want it to get the color stuff all over it :)  What a mess...but oh, what fun!  And then last night I went to Bible study before meeting Brad and the kids at Newk's for dinner - yum!  Hope you had a fun fall weekend!


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