Thursday, October 17, 2013

Park Play

Last Friday, we had absolutely nothing we needed to do - it was so nice!  After a slow-paced morning and breakfast, I loaded the kids into the jog stroller for a walk!  We walked all over the neighborhood and then decided to stop at the playground on the way back.  The kids had a blast playing and exploring!

Here is my Sassy Pants McGee - hand on the hip and all!
 And Jack - it is miraculous that I caught a smile on camera!  That boy is BUSY!
 And another sweet one of Katie - she and Jack were taking a break sitting on the little bench for a minute!
 This goofball loves to stick his tongue out.  I think we may have a Class Clown on our hands!
 And they headed up the path to explore.  I think it is so sweet when Katie takes Jack's hand and they walk together!
The weather was just perfect for a morning of fresh air.  I am so excited about cooler temperatures and the leaves changing color!  The next couple of weeks should provide some beautiful scenery for sure!


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