Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Recap: Last Weekend

Can I get a collective WOOOHOOO!!! It's finally Friday!  I thought I'd do a weekend recap from last weekend considering it is almost yet another weekend!  It was a pretty low-key weekend, which was much needed!  Friday night we ate dinner at Jim n Nicks - it was delicious...and Jack ate like a horse!  The weather was fantastic, so we sat outside on the patio!

Saturday we got up and took the kids to a flu shot clinic at their pediatrician's office - there were NO TEARS!  Both kids did amazing - made us proud for sure!  We headed to the playground for some fresh air and fun afterwards.  Brad even got in on the fun while we were there!
When we got home, I headed out to the walk-in clinic because I felt terrible.  After a steroid shot and starting an antibiotic, I felt a lot better!  We watched some football (hooray for an Auburn win!!) and just had a relaxing rest of the day at home!

Sunday, we had an easy morning...I got up and cooked breakfast for everyone and we watched church online (we decided not to go since I had a low grade fever on Saturday).  Since Katie had gotten all her stars the week before, we headed out for a girls' day!  We returned something at Old Navy and then headed to Monkey Joe's for some fun!  Katie had a blast!
Then we headed to the mall for some lemonade and cookies before doing some shopping!  It was a successful day for sure!
After we got home, I headed to Bible study and Brad took the kids to Chuy's for dinner!  Here I am with them after I got home from Bible study!
Definitely a good weekend - and thank goodness for walk in clinics for sure!  This weekend promises to be a fun one full of activity!  Whew!  Glad I'm all better and ready to tackle it!  Happy Friday!


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