Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backyard Fun

We try to play outside after dinner unless it is raining or just ridiculously hot! Every once in a while I will take my camera out there with me - I love catching Katie in the midst of playtime! Here are a few shots from backyard fun before bath time the other night...

{SUCH the diva, don't you think??}
{she is slightly obsessed with sunglasses - she knows exactly where she wants them, too - on her eyes or hair, just like momma}

{maybe she'll be a soccer player like me!}

{she loves standing on the mulch and holding onto the trees. she has also been known to literally hug and kiss the tree.}

{Sadie made the cut! isn't she just so cute??}

{my fave. love this girl. and i'm fairly certain this picture sums her up...always ready to have fun!}

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