Thursday, July 14, 2011

One With Nature

We have seen all kinds of neat things in our yard and near our house this year! About a month or two ago, Katie and I were outside in the backyard playing when a baby bunny started hopping across to the other side! I made the dog leave it alone (she would just want to play with it, not hurt it) and made sure that it made it across safely. It even let me pet it! He was about 3 or 4 inches in length and SO soft.

I also walked outside to get the mail one day and had 2 baby birds in the yard! Their nest was too far up the tree, so I couldn't put them back in. We were outside looking at them, and a 3rd bird fell out! I am thinking they were trying to learn to fly, but who knows! When Katie got up from her nap, I took her outside to see the birds.

{they thought I was bringing them food!}
{Katie checking out the baby bird}

{she was saying HIIIIII to the bird!}

Yesterday, we were out front and saw a lizard! Katie thought it was so neat! Also, yesterday afternoon, I saw a hummingbird getting nectar at my flowerpots out on the front porch. That was really neat. And we see deer all the time! I love that about where we live.

About 2 weeks ago, Brad stumbled across a turtle in the sideyard (is that even a word?!). So we took Katie out to see the turtle - she thought it was so neat. She touched his shell and we talked about how they hide inside when they are scared. He definitely hid in his shell most of the time we were around - especially when Sadie was nearby!

{she loved getting up close to see what he looked like!}

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