Monday, July 18, 2011

Baseball & Fish

Whew! What a fun weekend we just had! I know I was slightly MIA, but that was because we took a roadtrip! With Grandma! :) It was a blast...we left Friday for Atlanta for a weekend of fun. We went to two Atlanta Braves game and also were able to head to the Georgia Aquarium as well. On our way home, we stopped at the Chattanooga Choo Choo (which was also super fun)! I think we all had a great time - and we were able to be there for the 10,000th franchise win for the Braves! And a free fireworks show! So fun. Here are pictures of our fun weekend together!


{outside Turner Field before the game Friday night}
{let's go Braves!}

{Katie really enjoyed watching everything - the game, the "big TV" (score board), the people...and she learned how to do the Tomahawk Chop!}

{good seats on the first baseline!}

{i love this girl}

{a cutie self portrait}

{snuggling with Grandma}

{later in the game she had to do some Elmo reading}

{priceless expression - and it is so goofy!}

{nothing like a baseball game with your daddy}


{and they won! 10,00th franchise win!}

{Brad and the birthday girl!}

{Katie was getting a little restless...sunglasses to the rescue!}

{free fireworks show after the game!}

{one tired girly...she fell asleep on me in the taxi}


{after breakfast we headed to the Georgia Aquarium! our hotel was only about a block away - perfect!}

{looking at the fish - Katie was actually pretty scared of everything. her favorites were the penguins and the otters.}

{momma and katie in front of the HUGE glass wall with lots of fish in the tank!}

{Grandma with the fish!}

{seahorse and coral}

{i think jellyfish are so neat to look at}
{and they are pretty fun to take pictures of as well}

{so neat - looks fake!}

{family photo - too bad Katie isn't looking at the camera!}

{Grandma and Katie!}


{had to stop for a coloring break}
{whale shark}

{not sure, but I love it!} {Brad petting a stingray!}

{I touched one too!}

{Katie loved looking in the water and watching the stingrays}

{love this pic.}

{and of course they have you exit through the gift shop. and of course we bought katie some stuffed animals - 2 to be exact. one like this one (a penguin), and an otter!}{snuggling with her new pals - Penny the Penguin & Otis the Otter....the adults named them}

{so coordinated. and so sassy.}

{that night we headed to another Braves game!}

{HA! she loved wearing Brad's hat!}
{after the game, the B-52s performed! we didn't stay til the end, which is likely when they performed "Love Shack"}


{on the way home, we stopped at the Chattanooga Choo Choo - love this picture!}

{Katie always remembers to stop and smell the roses (or petunias)}

{sweet girl}
{she had fun playing on the little choo choo!}

{riding on Daddy's shoulders is fun!}

{so tired after such a fun weekend!}

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