Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesdays with Friends

One of my best friends is a teacher and has a son that's about a month older than Katie. During the school year, things are hectic and we rarely get to see eachother. This summer we have made up for it! We have gotten together almost every Wednesday and done something fun - I love it! And Katie has really gotten to know Amy and her little guy Owen. In fact, Katie says Amy's name more like "ah-mee" and she can pretty easily say Owen's name. We have done lots of fun things, eaten lunch together, and even had a trip to Target :) I know she has to start reporting back to school in a couple weeks, so I am hoping we can get at least one or two more Wednesdays of fun in before that happens! Here are some pictures of some of our fun!

{we've gone swimming!}
{being sweet and playing next to eachother}

{Katie was ready for the zoo! that was obviously another thing we did with them.}

{we let them ride in our wagon - it worked out perfectly!}

{momma and her girl.} {Amy & Owen looking at one of the animals!} {Owen & Katie looking at the goats that were resting in the petting zoo} {it started getting pretty hot, so they were thirsty!}

{looking at spiders and snakes and fish and turtles inside}

{after looking at all of the animals, we headed to the playground}

{Owen loved swinging!}

{when they were running around the big castle looking thing, Owen followed Katie around like a little puppy dog}

{Amy & Owen playing the chimes}

{look at those rosy cheeks! definitely time to head home}

{yesterday we went to an indoor play space nearby! i love those places because there are lots of neat toy stations - and I don't have to clean it up!}

{they both enjoyed the train table a lot}

{this place has a big boat inside - they liked pretending to steer it}
{Katie loves to get in the ball pit in the "under 2" area - she just sits on the edge of the big kid one! oh, and I love this picture - looks like she's striking a pose}

{pretending to go night-night in the ball pit}

{she loves that place!}

{Amy & me! we met working at a grocery store when we were 16...those were the days. we made amazing memories and have a great friendship as a result! can't wait to get together with them again!}

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  1. Katie's pillowcase dress is so cute!

    I wish we had an indoor play place around here. They look so fun!